Specialist Vehicle
Proficiency Training and Insurance Certification

Proficiency Training and Insurance Certification

We have been teaching the safe use and operation of track-laying and other specialist vehicles for over 20 years. Organisations are increasingly aware that they, and often their insurance companies, require externally validated proof of proficiency for their operators.

We can provide examined and certified proof of competency.

An ever-increasing number of professional organisations are making use of our 20 plus years of driver-training expertise on unusual and non-standard vehicles to ensure their teams can work to industry recognised standards of safety and care, often within difficult environments, so enabling us, as an external expert body, to certify their operational proficiencies to meet their insurance and other needs.

Insurance companies and organisations can face significant claims for damages and compensations when things go wrong. Our job is to ensure operators recognise developing situations and can control those events to remain safe and effective and maintain the safety of those around them.

Who do we work with?

We have certified for insurance purposes the land-based vehicular operations of:

  • Lifeboat crews
  • Farm personnel moving people and goods on-road between sites
  • Commercial and civil organisations.

We can help anyone who needs sign-off for their teams using BV206 and other high-mobility and tractive vehicles.

We even taught the H&S Accident Investigation Team from the H&S Laboratory on the correct procedures for driving their vehicles!

What can be included within the training?

  • Intensive training on vehicle positioning and manoeuvring skills
  • Ground command
  • Safety and basic maintenance
  • Road-use skills

We will tailor training to meet the needs of your organisation, depending on the vehicles, the circumstances, and the requirements of your insurer.

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Training Dates

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If you would like training at your location, please contact us to arrange dates. We provide efficient, flexible and productive courses tailored to precisely meet your requirements.

To book your course or to arrange alternative dates, please call us on 07515 645663.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help.

What is proficiency training/certificated proficiency examination, and why might I need it?

Many organisations use track-laying vehicles in their work. Where used on-road and where the vehicle is ‘of type’, the usual route to proof of competency is to undertake the DVSA’s category H drivers’ licence (track-laying-vehicle driver’s licence). 

Sometimes this is even a good route to follow where the vehicle isn’t used on-road but is still “of type” (perhaps, such as a tank), since H Licence provides both a certificate and an independently externalised proof of competency to drive such vehicles. In many defence related industries, holding a ‘Cat H’ is considered to be the required foundation from which the holder can then undertake familiarisation (FAMS) training on differing tracked platforms.

However, some vehicles are not ‘of type’, and/or are never used on-road so making an H Licence an inappropriate metric for evaluation (an example might be a lifeboat launcher, particularly where its trailer is almost never uncoupled). Here, organisations are realising that they have both an H&S and insurance obligation to demonstrate their operators are competent, with corporate insurers increasingly starting to require that proof – particularly, since competency is something harder to prove after the fact.

We have over 20 years’ experience in the operation of a wide range of track-laying vehicles and we’ll work with you to find the simplest, most effective route to examination (and training if you wish) that, once passed, allows us to provide external-expert certification for the proficiency of your team in the work they undertake.

The parameters determining proficiency vary widely between organisations making each course or examination bespoke in some or all of its elements, although, with 20 years’ experience behind us, bespoke doesn’t need to mean expensive! Make yourself and your organisation fireproof! Call us to find out more.