Tracked Vehicle
H Licence Training

Tracked Vehicle H
Licence Training

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July 17th – 19th

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Whether you operate in the defence, construction or agricultural industries, our H Licence tracked vehicle training is widely acknowledged within the industry to be amongst the most comprehensive available. The course takes place over three days, culminating on the third day in your H Licence driving test with a Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency examiner. Groups are limited to a maximum of 5 candidates. If required, individual courses are available.

What is included in the course?

  • Intensive training on vehicle positioning and manoeuvring skills
  • Ground command
  • Safety and basic maintenance
  • Road-use skills testing
  • Preparation for the formal DVSA driving test.

Our course is run over three days. Some other providers run their course over two days, but we do not feel this is sufficient to provide the comprehensive level of training we advocate. Due to the extra time we spend with candidates, our pass rates are consistently high.

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“Thanks very much for last week, the course was very good and we meant it when we said that we would recommend it to others. The style, atmosphere, and confidence building attitude of the course was very much appreciated.”

Training Dates

Upcoming training dates at our Norfolk base are shown to the right. Please get in touch to check for up-to-date availability.

If you would like training at your location, please contact us to arrange dates. We provide efficient, flexible and productive courses tailored to precisely meet your requirements.

To book your course or to arrange alternative dates, please call us on 07515 645663.


July 17th - 19th
July 24th - 26th
August 14th - 16th
September 18th - 20th
October 9th - 11th
November 6th - 8th
December 11th - 13th

Late availability discounts

If you can be flexible with your H Licence course dates, you can be added to our late availability list for great discounts on our usual prices.

This is how it works:

Operational duties occasionally divert some candidates leaving last minute openings on courses. We prefer full courses so the price offered is fixed and heavily discounted. You’ll pick 4 dates from those shown on our homepage that you could definitely attend with as little as a week’s notice. You pay a 50% deposit and then simply wait for the call.

So far we’ve been able to get everyone on the register on to one of the dates they’ve picked.

To join the register or find out more, please call 07515 645663

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Where can courses take place?

Courses take place from our training centre in Norfolk using our vehicles. Alternatively, we can book your DVSA tests for your team and arrange for suitable training / test vehicles to be delivered to your site. We can then run the training and tests from your home base. Please call us on 07515 645663 to arrange a date.

How long is the course?

It is our mission to present candidates for their tests that have been thoroughly prepared and trained to be the most capable drivers of tracked vehicles. Candidates trained by us can position their vehicles with millimetre precision, are fully aware of the dangers of driving tracked vehicles on the road, understand the crucial physics of tracked vehicle use, and are prepared for all situations they may encounter. As such, our courses run over three days, culminating in the test on the third day, with exceptionally high pass rates.

Are there any late availability spaces?

There may be. If you can be flexible with course dates, you can be added to the late availability list for great discounts on our usual prices. Find out more

What vehicles can I drive with the H Licence?

Once you have passed your h licence test, you will be able to drive any category h tracked vehicle that is registered and taxed for highway use. This can include vehicles such as tanks, tractors, construction machinery, tracked dumpers, pavement layers, etc. The list is as long as the differing types of tracked vehicles out there waiting to be driven!

Is this the right course for me?

If you need to drive a tracked vehicle such as tank or tractor on the road for your work (and that includes instances where you simply cross a highway from one side to the other), or you require to hold category h on your driving licence.

Our courses are thorough and include direct one to one tuition (within a maximum group of five candidates per course) to ensure you become safe, proficient, and confident – and ready to take your test. So, if you want to learn how to manoeuvre these vehicles with precision, fully understand and manage the safety implications of their use in your work, and gain the appropriate category on your driving licence, then yes, this is the course for you!

Most (though not all) of our clients are vocational drivers working for blue-chip defence organisations and other large agencies and organisations at national levels. As you’ll see, we also trained members of the H&S Accident Investigation Team in the safe use of tracked vehicles – so we’re confident you’ll meet your vocational needs once trained by us.

I won’t be driving on the road, do I still need to take the course?

Whilst you only require a category h licence if you are driving on the road, crossing a road, or unloading a tracked vehicle onto the road, tracked vehicles require specialist knowledge to be able to drive, manoeuvre and maintain them safely.

Even if you are only driving a tracked vehicle on private land, we strongly recommend you undertake some formal training to ensure you have the right practical skills – making our courses perfect for you. Please also note that gaining a category h licence is the de-facto foundation for those wishing to undertake familiarisation training on every defence platform.

Finally, we offer certificated ‘Proficiency Training and Examination’ to meet the needs of the rapidly growing number of organisations who don’t operate their tracked and specialist vehicles on the road, but whose insurance companies increasingly require proof of user capabilities. Lifeboat crews are topical in this respect at present.

Do I need an H Licence to drive a tracked tractor on the public road?

If you intend to drive your tracked vehicle on the road and it has two tracks and is steered by them (i.e. is steered through differential track speeds – by slowing one track and / or speeding up the other) then yes, you do require to hold a Category H licence. This is true if you simply require to cross a road from one field to another, or even if you are simply unloading a tracked vehicle onto the road for its delivery to site. Vehicles that are steered through articulation (operate on four tracks and steer by changing the angle between each pair of tracks) are not included in this category of licence.

Do age limits apply to the h licence test?

In order to apply to take your Category H licence you must first hold your full Category B licence (this is your regular car licence). Your provisional Category H entitlement comes with this licence but (unless you’re a member of the armed forces or wish to pass your Category H licence but operate under restrictions) you must be over 21 years of age to take the test.

You can pass your Category H licence at 17 but will be restricted to vehicles with a GVM of 3500kg.

How long is the test?

The H licence test takes around 40 minutes and is conducted by a DVSA driving examiner.

What is an ‘Of Type’ vehicle for H Licence?

Any vehicle having two tracks and is steered by them.

Road Rollers: G Licence Training

As well as the more common H Category training, we also offer specialist G Licence training for road rollers.

If you operate a road roller on public roads, you need to have category G on your licence. Even if you are only operating a road roller on private land, it is recommended that you have the appropriate training to be able to drive and manoeuvre the vehicle safely.

Our course prepares you for safe driving both on and off-road.

G Licence training can either be delivered from our HQ in Norfolk using our vehicles, or at your premises using your own vehicle. We are happy to come to you.

To find out more about our G Licence training or to book a course, please call us on 07515 645663 to arrange a date.