BV206 Driver Training:
Basic Driving and Safety for Land Use

Basic Driving and Safety
for Land Use

Over recent years, the versatile articulated tracked BV206 has been purchased by a growing number of civilian companies for an ever-widening range of uses. On and off-road driver requirements are often poorly understood.

We offer a Basic Driving Skills course for the BV206 to enable companies to meet their health and safety training needs. Serious accidents can and do happen without the proper training.

As the driver, your driving skills will be improved so you are confident and capable of driving and manoeuvring the vehicle safely.

What is included in the course?

  • Driving skills
  • Safety and basic maintenance
  • Formal driving assessment.

Our course is run over three days.

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Training Dates

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Frequently asked questions

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What licence do I need to drive this vehicle off road?

The BV206 is favoured by a wide number of people and organisations seeking to move equipment and / or personnel across difficult terrains to access remote sites. No licence is required to drive these vehicles off-road, however, proof of competency to drive them in these conditions is often required by your insurer and can be required by the H&S Executive. At the least you should have such proof backing your risk assessment. We can help in all aspects of such training or examination for external proof of competency – undertaken in a manner to meet your needs. These vehicles offer several often unseen dangers which our training can help you avoid. The BV206 (and other vehicles in this class) were designed to meet extreme challenges – but they do have limits! Our training will help.